Small Spaces

I absolutely adore small spaces. If I were free to design anything of my choosing it would be bathrooms, closets and shoebox sized apartments and homes. Maybe even boat and RV interiors. I have a particular attraction to airstream trailers. They are wonderfully iconic, an ode to American travel and most importantly SHINY. I feel like a small child when I see them with their silvery reflective shells mirroring the world around them-totally enthralled with a shiny object.

I recently saw this beautifully restored Airstream via Remodelista. I assume this unit is not designed to continually move with it full-size bath (A-M-A-ZING) but for a quick weekend stay via the adjacent hotel. I know I’d stop by for coffee and a long night’s sleep anytime. You can read the full article here.


Bookmarks: 01

Do you have a tendency to leave tabs open on your internet browser? I will admit that I do it all the time. I apparently do not believe in using the bookmark feature to save articles or the like for future viewing. If the internet were a large book that I carried around with me, mine would have post-its, scraps of paper, pencils, gum wrappers and the like marking tid-bits I'm planning on coming back to visit.

I thought it would be fun to show you some on the tabs currently open on my browser. Once I have them listed here for reference maybe I will feel like I can close them- but probably not.

I saw Ina Garden make this Old-Fashioned Cake Recipe a few weeks ago on FN. LB and I have stopped buying refined flours and sugars at home, but we still have some supplies squirreled away in the pantry. A use for the last of refined white sugar perhaps?

I stumbled across the blog Door Sixteen through some unknown internet rabbit hole this week. I've probably spent more time than I would like to admit looking through some of Anna's archives- particularly her home and DIY posts.

I've posted about this song before. Probably because I never tire of it and the official music video is amazing. But I also love this video. I would love to project it onto a huge wall for a party and just leave it on repeat. Don't worry, you're invited.

I found two large bags of lentils in the pantry this weekend. I'm attempting to avoid the grocery store and live off what I already have at home this week so I googled this Four Corners Lentil Soup that is amazing. I've made it before and while I typically tweak recipes as I go- this one is perfect as is.

I also have a head of cabbage that I mistakenly grabbed thinking it was lettuce. Bother. See above about eating what you have on hand. I'm going to try my hand at this homemade version of Zoe's Marinated Slaw. I'll keep you posted.



Happy Friday

Happy Friday Y'all. I'm so glad the weekend is here.
I hope your weekend is as chill and relaxed as this guy always look!
See you Monday.


Gregory Alan Isakov

I never seem to tire of Gregory Alan Isakov

This song is one of my favorites.

I can imagine myself under the summer night stars already.


Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Folks. Is it back to the grind already?

I spent this weekend on at the lake with two of my favorite people, Bethany and Heather Buss (I never actually call her Heather so why start here?). If you live in approximately half of the United States, you may have noticed it rained the majority of the weekend and that the lake may not have been the best destination. But you would be wrong.

Yes, it was chilly. But it was nothing steaming hot mugs of coffee and cozy blankets couldn’t save. We spent a lot of time sitting on the covered porch starring at the water, talking about totally random things, watching movies and cooking. Oh the cooking! I thought it would never end. It may be a blessing that weekends are only two days long. The weekend setting reminded me of the movie Dan in Real Life- minus the fact that I did not meet a handsome man in the local bookstore and spend the majority of the weekend pining after him.

Opps. I forget to take photos of actual people sometimes.
Megan, Bethany, Heather (Buss)

We stayed up pretty late every night and unfortunately for me, my internal alarm has decided to become an adult somewhere along the way these last few years. That means no matter how late I go to bed, my eyes immediately blink open around 6:30am every-single-morning.  Not cool. But it did give me some great time to set on the porch, coffee and journal in hand and watch the early morning fog burn off the water. Beautiful.

Let’s go back soon.


Cover Songs

I’ve been logging long hours at the office this week. Which means lots of good music streaming to keep me happy. I’ve been noticing several remakes of songs I really like. In several instances I enjoy the new version just as much or even more than the original. I won’t tell you which I prefer and let you decide for yourselves.

 ‘I want You Back’ by The Jackson Five Covered by Colbie Caillat and The Civil Wars
‘Hey Ya’ by Outcast Covered by Obadiah Parker
‘Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Covered by John Mayer
‘So Good’ by B.o.B. Covered by Chelsea Williams

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Mother's Day

Mother's Day is fast approaching. I typically try to make it home for a quick weekend visit and traditionally make a special mother's day brunch or lunch on Sunday for my mom and the fam. This year that isn't going to pan out (I'm attending this conference the same weekend) so I'm planning a little care package to send to my mommy dearest. I love all the ideas below- now just to actually decide on something!

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