Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Folks. Is it back to the grind already?

I spent this weekend on at the lake with two of my favorite people, Bethany and Heather Buss (I never actually call her Heather so why start here?). If you live in approximately half of the United States, you may have noticed it rained the majority of the weekend and that the lake may not have been the best destination. But you would be wrong.

Yes, it was chilly. But it was nothing steaming hot mugs of coffee and cozy blankets couldn’t save. We spent a lot of time sitting on the covered porch starring at the water, talking about totally random things, watching movies and cooking. Oh the cooking! I thought it would never end. It may be a blessing that weekends are only two days long. The weekend setting reminded me of the movie Dan in Real Life- minus the fact that I did not meet a handsome man in the local bookstore and spend the majority of the weekend pining after him.

Opps. I forget to take photos of actual people sometimes.
Megan, Bethany, Heather (Buss)

We stayed up pretty late every night and unfortunately for me, my internal alarm has decided to become an adult somewhere along the way these last few years. That means no matter how late I go to bed, my eyes immediately blink open around 6:30am every-single-morning.  Not cool. But it did give me some great time to set on the porch, coffee and journal in hand and watch the early morning fog burn off the water. Beautiful.

Let’s go back soon.

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