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Do you have a tendency to leave tabs open on your internet browser? I will admit that I do it all the time. I apparently do not believe in using the bookmark feature to save articles or the like for future viewing. If the internet were a large book that I carried around with me, mine would have post-its, scraps of paper, pencils, gum wrappers and the like marking tid-bits I'm planning on coming back to visit.

I thought it would be fun to show you some on the tabs currently open on my browser. Once I have them listed here for reference maybe I will feel like I can close them- but probably not.

I saw Ina Garden make this Old-Fashioned Cake Recipe a few weeks ago on FN. LB and I have stopped buying refined flours and sugars at home, but we still have some supplies squirreled away in the pantry. A use for the last of refined white sugar perhaps?

I stumbled across the blog Door Sixteen through some unknown internet rabbit hole this week. I've probably spent more time than I would like to admit looking through some of Anna's archives- particularly her home and DIY posts.

I've posted about this song before. Probably because I never tire of it and the official music video is amazing. But I also love this video. I would love to project it onto a huge wall for a party and just leave it on repeat. Don't worry, you're invited.

I found two large bags of lentils in the pantry this weekend. I'm attempting to avoid the grocery store and live off what I already have at home this week so I googled this Four Corners Lentil Soup that is amazing. I've made it before and while I typically tweak recipes as I go- this one is perfect as is.

I also have a head of cabbage that I mistakenly grabbed thinking it was lettuce. Bother. See above about eating what you have on hand. I'm going to try my hand at this homemade version of Zoe's Marinated Slaw. I'll keep you posted.


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