Happy Friday

Well folks, September is here and that means Labor Day.
And a long weekend (so excited).

I hope you have some wonderful plans to enjoy these last beautiful weeks of prime summer weather. I'm hoping to head to the lake for a couple of days.

I'm also hoping to start reading this book over the weekend.
And play endless rounds of spades after a long day of sun and fun.

See you next week!

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Around Here

My schedule has been packed lately and this weekend was no exception.
Friday night I hosted a Lingerie shower for my friend Louanne- who’s getting married in only 
two weeks!

Saturday I spent most of the day painting furniture. This was not originally on the agenda, but when the skies are clear and there is only a twenty percent chance of rain you drop what you are doing and paint. I’ve been helping my friend Heather redecorate her bedroom for the last couple of months. Painting her furniture was our last big DIY project to tackle, but the rainy summer has been keeping our project on hold. Now that the bed is painted (and I just tracked down new nightstands today!!!) we can see the end in sight. I promise a design post when we are finished.

We also celebrated LB’s birthday on Sunday. LB has been eating strictly paleo for about 4-5 months so Sunday morning I tackled my first batch of Coffee Hazelnuts Paleo Pancakes. They were not bad. I followed the recipe from Brandon and Megan Keatley’s new cookbook, Primal Cravings. I’m not sure if the recipe is on their website, Healthbent, but every other recipe I tried of theirs has been great.

After breakfast I made another paleo treat- a Chocolate Paleo Birthday Cake- which was really good. I adapted this recipe based upon the paleo compliant flours I already had on hand (I did replace the arrowroot flour with tapioca flour). 


We Belong Together: Lilac

If you asked me if I like the color purple I would tell you 'no'.
When I was in elementary school there was a girl in my class that was rather unkind 
and bossy towards me. 
Her favorite color was purple. 
Its amazing how things like that stick with you.

Oh, but the soft lilacs and feathery lavenders pictured above?
Well I can get onboard with those.

A friend of mine wore a purple top last week while we were hanging out.
I took one look at her and said, "We're getting you a purple dress. That color is amazing on you!"
And I've had purple on the brain ever since.


Summer Wind Down

Summer is winding down. I can't say that I am totally disappointed. Here in the south, we will continue with the late summer heat wave through the next month or so, but the early mornings and evenings are already dipping into the crisp, autumn-like territory. I'm rather enjoying it. I can't wait for cool sweater weather and hot coffee in the mornings. But until then, I'm trying to enjoy these last warm summer days. I'm sure I'll miss them when their gone.


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