40 Day Paleo Challenge

As I mentioned yesterday, I am on a 40 Day Challenge to eat strictly Paleo along with two of my friends, Louanne and Bethany. Lou is a crazy crossfitter at the locally famous IronTribe Fitness. I would love to join 'the tribe', but after last year’s run-in with a back injury and my strong suspicion that a lot of my back problems stemmed from lifting kettle bells too heavy and too fast- I’m taking things slow this year.

You might be asking, What is Paleo? There are tons of sites telling you exactly that is I won’t bore you with all the specifics here. The overall diet follows the principle that we should eat like our caveman ancestors with a diet based mainly on meat, leafy veggies, fruit and nuts. Foods to avoid include all grains, sugar starchy vegetables and dairy (this is the hard one for me.) I have followed Paleo before, but never so strictly. Even when I am not following it strictly but cutting just grains and sugar makes me feel noticeably better.

They say the best defend is a good offense so I headed to the grocery store to stock up on Paleo friendly foods this weekend. I already eat a lot of things that are Paleo friendly so-hopefully- things will go well this week. And if I feel myself slipping from the Paleo bandwagon? Well, that what Lou and Bethany are for-there is strength in numbers.

I got a head start this weekend by making a Paleo dinner for the Downton Abbey viewing party I had Sunday night. I made this recipe for Paleo Chili which was a hit and  is in constant rotation at my house- it is delicious! I’ll try to post any other great Paleo recipes I come across in the next few weeks.

Wish me luck peeps!

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