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It's been a busy, busy week at work, and this weekend has flown by. It was overcast here all weekend, but with the temperature 60+ degrees it was sure hard to complain.

I recently purchased a Klean Kanteen water bottle.It is part of my attempt to drink more water on a daily basis. So far so good. I've found that its easier to get my daily quota in when I have a bottle on my desk. My only complaint about the bottle is the sport cap- which makes a high-pitched squeak when you drink from it. But after a quick email to Customer Service they are sending me a replacement top! Thanks KK

Ben is doing must better after his doggy back surgery the week before Christmas. He's still being a pill 90% of the time. He's a love bug and can't understand why he has to stay in his kennel.

It's CLEMENTINE high season. Hope you are all taking advantage because they are delic!

I'm starting a 40 Day Paleo Challenge with my friends Bethany and Louanne tomorrow. Lou is cross-fitting over at IronTribe Fitness (I have yet to make the jump to CrossFit) but we are going to do this challenge together. I've been enjoying a few favorite eats this weekend -Starbucks Green Tea Frap and Triscuits- because they will be on the no-no list starting tomorrow.

I've just jumped on the Downton Abbey bandwagon this Season (it began last weekend) and tonight I'm hosting the viewing party for some friends. So excited for some more Matthew and Mary! Are you a Downton fan?

I recently finished this book on audio and LOVED it. Have you read it- I want to read everything else by Malcom Gladwell now. It is typically hard for me to remain interested in non-fiction but I loved this!

I know it's only January but I've just started planning a trip to California with some college friends for this coming June. I have never been to California and I am already pumped! We hope to visit San Francisco, Napa Valley, Big Sur, Yosemite, and maybe Lake Tahoe. Have you been to CA? Any advice/suggestions?

I just added this gold pillow to my living room sofa. It is amazing how one pillow can pull things together.

Hope you had a very lovely weekend wherever you are!

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