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This week in review:

-SNOW! We even got a bit here in Birmingham (which is rare). Actually 3-4 inches right north of the city. I only saw a dusting in my neighborhood- I was a little sad actually- I love the occasional snowy weather.

-Some great spreads in this month's Birmingham Home&Garden. Hoping to share one of my favorite's on the blog later this week.

-The 40 Day Paleo Challenge continues. Berries for a daily snack. After one week into the challenge I'm feeling pretty good.

-I finished crocheting this cowl earlier this year. I finally took the opportunity to wear it this weekend during a windy walk around the neighborhood with Ben.

-New Toms! These are the black burlap ones. Only complaint- the dye is rubbing off on my feet?!? Has anyone else experienced this?

-One of my favorite movies has been on cable recently- You've Got Mail! I think I have the entire dialogue memorized.

-Levi's Jeans. I bought these back before the holidays, but they have recently moved up into my list of favorite clothing items. Do you ever 'rediscover' an item you've had forever?

-The layers in my hair are finally growing out long enough to create a nice looking braid. Yes!

-Trying my hand at homemade paleo-power bars this weekend. Store bought Lara Bars are delicious but so expensive. I'll keep you posted on any great recipes. Notice my Klean Kanteen in the background. It's never too far from my reach these days with trying to up my water intake.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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