Egg Houses

I’ve been challenging myself to live a more Need Focused vs. Want Focused lifestyle lately. I’m not a big spontaneous spender, but I do find that I spend my money in chunks. Mainly, whenever I am extremely busy at work and don’t make it to the grocery store, I just want to stop and get something quick and usually not healthy on my way home. I’ve also been transitioning back to a mainly paleo diet for that last week or so. I just feel better when I eat less bread, sugar and carbs (go figure) and with work and stress ramping up for the next several months,  I’m trying to prepare my body as best I can.

I came home the other night DETERMINED not to stop for take-out (for the third night in a row) and without going to the grocery. SURELY there is something to eat in the pantry. I found four almost too ripe tomatoes hanging out in the fruit basket and we always have eggs in the fridge. Add in some salt and pepper and fresh chives from the patio and voila!- breakfast (for dinner). It was delicious, easy, and paleo friendly.

Plus, I had leftovers for breakfast.
Two birds- one stone.
My kind of meal.

Egg Houses

Equal number eggs and tomatoes (I used 4 tennis ball size tomatoes, but they were a tad too small)
Fresh chives
2-3 slices bacon

Cut off the top of the tomatoes, carefully hollow them out.
Put one egg in each hollowed out tomato.
Bake for 25 minutes at 425 degrees.
While those are in the oven, cook 2-3 pieces of bacon.
After egg/tomatoes are done cooking, crumble bacon on top, add chives and eat.

*Adapted from Sarah Fragoso's cookbook 'Everyday Paleo'

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