Home Again Home Again

I got back into town from a business trip last night. I spent the majority of yesterday in steel toe boots walking a job site in 40 degree weather…and I forgot gloves (lesson learned).

Needless to say, walking in the door felt mighty fine after the five hour drive back home. The Ben Bear was dancing his welcome home jig when I walked in the door and of course wanted to immediately go back out into the cold for a walk. Thankfully, LB (little brother) took him out for me. That LB- He’s a handy one. J

I think I may be turning over a new leaf. I got home and actually unpacked and put away my suitcase last night. I was astonished even as I was doing it. It is typically in the floor for a couple of days-at least until I get to the laundry or the weekend. I think getting my master bedroom pulled together is helping fuel this further need for organization. When you feel like your place looks good- you want it to stay that way. Here's another little sneak peak of the master bedroom...

Nothing fuels the fire better than PROGRESS!


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