127 Yard Sale

If you’ve never been to the 127 yard sale, or “The world’s longest yard sale” as it claims to be…you are missing out.

Some things for sale need to find a home other than mine!

 The 127 Corridor Sale is headquarters in Jamestown, TN, just a hop and a skip from the TN town I grew up in. For one weekend every August, 675 miles of Hwy 127, all the way from Hudson, Michigan to Gadsden, Alabama sprout tents and tables of everything you could ever imagine buying(or not buying). I actually grew up on Hwy 127, so the yard sale must be in my blood. But it’s not just for locals, people from all over the country attend, pulling u-hauls’ to transport all their finds back home. I love hunting for unique items for my home, and year after year I am never disappointed.

The last couple of years my friend Meg and I have braved the heat and sporting event like traffic to shop the yard sale.

This year’s find included…

This necklace that I am super excited to wear.

This ikat blanket throw that is now at home on my ottoman.

This teal hobnail glass.

And my best find this year was this wheat sheath side table. A similar dining table was featured in the current issue of Lonny Magazine. 

*image courtesy of Lonny Magazine
Here is the full article in Lonny

 I struck up a conversation with the vendor after she saw me take a photo of the piece, and mistook me to be a picker or a designer (how flattering). She had hands down some of the most beautiful items I ran across at this year’s sale with tables full of florentina trays and boxes and GORGEOUS sets of sconces and alabaster lamps. When I asked how she gathered all her inventory, she explained that she worked with pickers who knew what she was looking for, and she even sold lots of florentina to Rachel Ashwell- Miss Shabby Chic herself. She also mentioned that the day before she had shot a segment with Cari from HGTV’s Cash and Cari... where Cari was shopping the yard sale for finds. I know HGTV typically does a special on the yard sale every year, so I’m be looking forward to the episode which should air sometime in October.

Florentina Boxes

Meg and I stopped for lunch at the Pig-N-Catch in Pikeville, TN right as some heavy afternoon rain showers where setting in. We got our “carb-on” with some fried pickle spears and BBQ sandwiches (and I didn’t even take a picture). If you are ever in the area you should stop in to eat. The catfish is also great. It is owned by some good family friends of mine, The Kellys. Vicky Kelly is a very talented photographer, and her daughter Rachel is my very best friend all the way back from my grade school days.


  1. Great picks, my Mom and I went to those same areas! We also talked with the lady with all the florentina, I loved that booth! The picture of the auditorium seats is the same booth I bought mine from in 2009! Seats Pictured Here: http://mooregeorgeous.blogspot.com/2010/08/bargain-buyer.html
    Maybe we'll see you next year! :)

  2. Allison-

    Looks like we should join up and yard sale together sometime! You need to do a post on your finds from this year!