Goodbye B'ham and Hello NYC!!!

It’s been a busy couple of weekends, and I feel like I’ll just now catching up on things, and I have so much to share!

Two weeks ago I finished up a huge project at work, said Adios to hot and sticky B’ham, and headed to even hotter and stickier New York City.
I know, why would I go to NYC in July???

To meet up with my wonderful college roommates of course!

Jess, Melody, Sally, and I all graduated from UT together and we all hold degrees in Architecture. Amazingly (or maybe not so much) we are all living in different states doing completely different things with our degrees (and lives).

We all spent five days in NYC sardined into Jess’ upper eastside studio apartment laughing and eating and catching up (and shopping). And while staying in a studio apartment with three other people might make others a tad bit claustrophobic, the four us of have survived many a TINY sleeping arrangement in hostels while we studied abroad in college.

Here are a few highlights…

On the Highline

 View from the Staten Island Ferry

Rotunda in the Guggenheim

Outside 30ROCK!  

My first time at Fish's Eddy- Thx to Ericka over at Urban Grace Interiors

We stumbled across this espresso bar on Madison Ave one morning- it was divine. I would definitely go back for breakfast.   


Hands down some of the best thin crust pizza...but according to Jess you have to eat at the one of 87th st only

Modo had a little issue with her luggage. Thankfully it was at the end of the trip.
 It is amazing how some people you can fall right back into place with, as if no distance or time has passed at all. I’m so thankful for these girls, because that is who they are for me.

In other news…

I made a quick trip home (to my parents house) this weekend to meet up with one of my best friends Meg, and shop the annual 127 yard sale-I will share my killer finds from there tomorrow.

What I also scored while I was home included an awesome (don’t tell my trainer) home cooked meal as well as all the fresh cherry (tommy toe) tomatoes I could carry, and this…

The JACKPOT…Fresh basil my sweet baby brother planted in the garden. I came home with a TRASH BAG FULL of the stuff. Needless to say I spent all of Monday night toasting pine nuts, grating Parmesan, and whipping up pesto to freeze for the winter months. I might just have to have a pesto party soon!

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