Less Baggage

i have a secret.
i love to travel light
am i always good at it? absolutely not.
but its always fun to try.

it started while i was studying abroad in college.
there's nothing like carrying everything you own on your back to make you reevaluate
your need for 'things'.

*image coutesy of Color Collective,

why this topic you ask?

i'm prepping for an upcoming long weekend in nyc.
a little reunion with my college besties

I try to follow a few of  basis rules of packing:

(1) pack basic colors that you can mix and match
(for me there's usually black, and a few neutrals)

(2) Minimize jeweraly to the pieces that I wear everyday.

(3) a purse that goes where almost everything

(4) Limit myself to three pairs of shoes (that's always the biggest challenge!)

What are your packing rules???

1 comment:

  1. Fabulous topic!

    I keep a medium sized toiletry bag (stash bag) stocked with mini essentials and basic makeup and beauty tools; keeps me from throwing bulky things in at the last minute AND it's all the little stuff that can drive you crazy wondering if you packed this or that...

    Sidebar on that, each person in the fam has their own stash bag - dogs have bowls, bottle of water, and a ball. :-)