New shoes, and the week so far...

Is it really only Wednesday? That seems hard to believe. Things have been a whirlwind around here. So far this week I have:

(a)    Started working out with a new personal trainer (because my old trainer up and moved to Atlanta).

(b)   Written ZERO items down in the food log I am suppose to be keeping up with to review at my next session

(c)    Eaten pizza and Thai food instead…

(d)   Worked almost 40 hours (again, Is it really only Wednesday?!?)
(e)   Gotten super excited that one of my best friends got engaged- at the Parthenon (in Nashville) no less -Congratulations Sally and Hunter!!!

(f)     Started breaking in these new beauties…  

(g)    Started packing for a weekend getaway from my college besties (more on that later)

Needless to say, I’m not sure if I’m running on fumes or amped up to finish the rest of the week. Maybe the high amounts of caffeine racing through my body are distorting my ability to discern exhaustion.

One thing I do know is that letting myself get into a rush of working all hours and eating poorly has really taken a toll on how I feel physically today. I’ve been very conscience of the food I eat for the past couple of months- eating mainly homemade, healthy whole foods with no fast food in my diet. Throw a couple of days of poor eating decisions on top of minimal sleep, and my body is letting me know it doesn’t like this turn of events one bit. The rest of this week I will be trying to get back on track with some whole fruits and veggies. Hopefully I will have a couple of recipes to share later this week.

Happy Hump Day!!!

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