rr lately

I’ve been so busy lately and the holiday season isn’t even here yet –geesh. Here are some of the things that have been happening lately. 

  • Found myself at a Matt Nathanson concert last Tuesday night. He was awesome. I'm still in love with this song. Joshua Radin opened the show so it was double exciting. Now I'm listening to this song on repeat. 
  • I’m finishing some upholstery for chairs in a friend’s bedroom. I’ll post more pictures when this project is finished. 
  • It’s actually starting to feel like fall (even here in the South). I’ve traded in all my sandals for ballet flats.
  • Had delicious coffee at Octane with Heather. You can’t beat a Saturday afternoon with coffee and good conversation with your BF.
  • The sky has been filled with absolutely beautiful and interesting clouds lately. Must be the changing season (?)
  • I've been doing some experimenting with making my own all-natural make-up. Once I have something perfected I'll report back.
  • Attended a Revive Birmingham event downtown to promote local artisans and restaurants returning to empty storefronts in the theater district. 
  • A friend got married at a local nursery- such a beautiful location for a beautiful ceremony.

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