crazy thursday



That’s all I can say about today. It has been a doozy. First, I woke up late -with a migraine. Then I realized I had forgotten to transfer a load of pants to the dryer last night hang dry and iron (hi mom). I think I tried on 437,432 clothing items and looked/felt horrible in every.single.thing. My solution to this problem was to throw said pants in the dryer while I ran around  crazy and walked the dog. Did I mention this was also the day I chose to begin my first whole30 challenge? Which also means I had a fridge full of chicken and chopped veggies I was planning to put in the crock pot before leaving for work. This was not the morning to screw it all and stop by Starbucks on the way to the office.


I miss you already s-bucks.

Ok, focus.

So, I frantically loaded up the crock pot and then threw a couple of eggs in the microwave. Yes, I said the microwave. Don’t judge me people. I can’t fail this challenge on Day 1. I threw the eggs in a travel container and headed to work. I’m only 30 minutes late (bother). As I’m checking morning emails and eating microwaved eggs I realize I’ve left my gym bag on the counter at home. Really?!? What else can go wrong today. I’m supposed to be meeting my friend Mel for yoga after work.
I’ll tell  you what can go wrong. This can happen.

Did I do that??? 
(imagine that said in a Steve Urkel Voice)

You can hit the flippin’ curb on your way to have lunch with a friend (a whole30 compliant meal I might add) and blow a hole a HUGE hole in your tire. Please tell me this day is over now. I will have to say that my brother, LB,  was awesome and came to my rescue. It was his day off so he was there in about 15 minutes. With tools. Boom.

I know technically how to change a tire but let’s be honest- these wimpy girl arms couldn’t budge a lug nut. Plus, I was just released from physical therapy yesterday. Toting tires around is not in my skillset these days. But LB had it all under-control. He changed the tire and I’m currently driving around on the donut (I’m one of those people today) while my tire is being shipped to the local auto shop. Everything should be back to normal by tomorrow and I’m thankful LB was around to help. And Heather, who kept me calm and company until LB could get there. I never did make it to lunch with Heather, but I did end up at home making calls to various auto places where LB made me this for lunch.

Bacon and collard greens. So good. And perfect for whole30. I also ate the last piece of chai pumpkin bread I made a couple of days ago. You can find the basic recipe here. It will definitely be a repeat around these parts. LB has been full-time paleo for around 6-7 months now so he loved this as a treat. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly so I’ll try to post the changes I made soon. I’m hoping if I could make it through this chaotic day and still stay true to the whole30 challenge, the rest of month won’t be so hard (yeah right). Hopefully, I’m up to the challenge.

1 day down, 29 to go.

Have you tried a paleo/whole30 challenge before?

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  1. The so-called "LB" here. You made that plate of greens look really good in the picture. I'm now waiting on Mom and Dad to get home so I can cook them a paleo dinner around some venison. Stay away from curbs while I'm away!