Favorite Microwave Dinner a la Acorn Squash

Can I introduce you to my favorite quick dinner? It starts with a single acorn squash. I had one sitting around in the fruit basket that needed eating. Every time I have bought them it has been to make these -also delicious. If you have ten minutes and a microwave this is a meal for you.

Wash the acorn squash.
Take a sharp knife and poke through skin all over.
Microwave on high for 5-6 minutes per lb. (I cooked mine for 7 minutes)
Let squash cool in microwave for 1-2 minutes.
Cut squash in half and remove seeds and ‘the other stuff’
Top with butter, chives and s+p OR butter, brown sugar and dried fruit
Eat! (I like to put one half of the squash in a deep bowl and eat it like a grapefruit).

P.S. Acorn Squash is LOADED with vitamins and minerals. An excellent source of Vitamin C and Magnesium.

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