Life List

I’ve been thinking a lot about making lists lately. Not just lists per say, but goals.

At my parents’ house, in my childhood bedroom there is a handwritten list taped to the inside of the medicine cabinet.

Included in the list are the following:

Visit all 50 States
Live by the Ocean
Live by myself
Learn to play an instrument
Learn a second language
Go surfing

There is no date and I cannot actually remember when I wrote it.

Late high school, early college I think.

Every time I visit home, I see that list.

I stand in the bathroom brushing my teeth with the cabinet door hanging open so I can read it.

Some of the items are marked through with dates beside them when the item was completed.

Others are still in process, and some are goals that rarely enter my mind until I see the list again.

Does anyone else have a life list? Something to reminder you of the things that were important when you were young?

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