ROAM: Photo Overload

  I consider myself a pretty organized person. But one of the areas in my life that needs drastic improvement is my digital filing. More specifically- digital photo organization.

I’m really bad to leave my photos on my SD card for a LOOOOONNG TIME. Not good.

Yesterday I decided to turn over a new leave and get all my Maine Trip pictures where they need to be ASAP. But my 16MB SD card holds a MULTITUDE of photos, so I decided to bombard you with some other trips and random activities from the deeps of my camera along the way.

First up: Trip to Mobile, AL
Back in May I headed down to Mobile with my friends Louanne and Bethany. I've lived in Alabama for three years now and had never visited. Opps.

Our first stop was to see the U.S.S. Alabama. I LOVE this type of thing. You have no idea. Thankfully, the morning was overcast and we got there early, so the ship's interior was only minor stifling.  This is AL, you know.

 I think I crawled into every nook and cranny on this ship. Could you imagine living on a ship like this for months? I'm amazed.

Close Quarters!
Names of the ship's servicemen

You can also tour the U.S.S. Drum (a submarine) that is open right across from the Alabama. But it was almost noon by the time we walked off the ship, and I think I'd pushed Louanne and Bethany to their limit on military history for the day. Hey, not being a native Alabamian- I never got to spend the night on the Alabama as a grade schooler!

We also visited Bellingraph Gardens the next day. We had the place to ourselves! It was beautiful. 
Who doesn't love these deep South trees?!?

What location can beat this?!?

Louanne & Bethany

It may have started raining, and we may have stopped for cupcakes to wait out the weather.

Next Up: July Trip to the DELICIOUS, locally owned

Some of my fav small group ladies: Jennifer, Bethany, Louanne, Jessica

And Me!

 And then in August, we celebrated brother's 25th Birthday.
We've been on a health kick around here, so I made this cake. 
It's called the Cashew Dream Cake from the blog mynewroots 
(for some reason I couldn't;t get a link to work today)

(I promise it tasted better than it looked).

Our granny send a homemade buttermilk cake all the way down to B'ham!
It's a family favorite.

Thanks for entertaining my photo hoarding!
I promise to stay more up-to-date from now on! (maybe)


  1. Megan! I love catching up on your life on here, but lets chat soon!!! Looks like you've been up to some fun in B-ham. Miss ya!!


    1. We definitely need to chat soon!!! Lets set some time aside for that!