Master Bedroom In Progress

Welcome to November 1st, or as some may say- the beginning of the holiday season. Who's ready to eat too much, travel far and wide, not get enough slepp and try to juggle all those holiday activites on top of your 'normal life'?

That probably came across rather negatively, but I don't mean it that way at all. I LOVE the holiday season! Thanksgiving is my favorite and I'm excited about hosting my family in Birmingham for the second time this year.

However, I've decided that November 1 to December 31 can be a bit overwhelming. It is best to get your gameplan on early. And because I am hosting Thanksgiving this year I want to finish a few projects around the house before guests arrive. Here's what in my playbook...

I have a couple of home projects going on to share with you soon (I promise)! The goal is to finish (mostly)  my master bedroom (in progress, almost done) and my guestroom (barely started) by Thanksgiving. I don't even have a bed in the guestroom so that is a major priority. I'm trying not to overthink these projects (yeah right) so I'm telling myself every day that it is 'ok' if things are not 100% finished.
Here is a sneak peak of my bedroom (this is from several weeks ago) when I was still trying to pick a paint color. My AWESOME mom came down to help me one weekend. Can you guess with color I chose???

And here is a swatch of the fabric that I am using for the one set of windows in the room. They should be finished and ready in the next week or so (so excited)! Also, you may notice the gold chair peeping into the picture above. It is one of those 'trash to treasures' Goodwill finds...expect a post about him soon. He's delicious.

I'm thinking about doing an accent pillow or two on the bed in this fabric, but I'm not set on this yet. I change my mind about every 2.5 seconds so we'll see where we land.

That's it for now! More very soon...


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