Chocolate Gravy & Christmas Morning

There is probably nothing better than being home for Christmas.

Travis and I packed up the car in B'ham and headed home to Mom and Dad's Friday after I got home from work.

Traffic wasn't bad for the weekend of Christmas, and we spent the 4 hour drive trying to meet our yearly quota for Christmas music via Pandora.

I spent Christmas Eve morning meeting up with my bestie, Meg, to catch up over Breakfast at 'the Cracker Barrel'. We had a wonderful time catching up over the last couple of month's happenings in our lives. Meg and I have been friends since church youth group, and very fortunately have that rare type of friendship that seems to weather both the test of time and geographical distance. Meg has learned to crochet in the past year, and gave me a beautiful 'infinity scarf' for Christmas, which was one of my favorite gifts this year.

Christmas Eve dinner was spend at my grandmother's house with the Lynches.
Granny gave my parents some beautiful photos of herself and my grandfather and the original of my dad's high school graduation photo.

With Christmas being on Sunday this year, we ended up making a few minor adjustments to our Christmas morning routine. 

We always have Christmas breakfast with our close friends and neighbors, The Scarletts. Each family hosts every other year, so this year we got up, got ready for church and headed up the road to the Scarlett's for breakfast before church.

Nothing fancy-just delicious!!!

Of course there is always way too many delicious things to eat. We always have Chocolate gravy for breakfast on Christmas morning. Its a Lynch family tradition. Even my grandmother used to make it for my dad. Always delicious...it may be a good thing Christmas comes but once a year.

After breakfast, we headed to church for morning worship. The message was really good, and a true reminder of the reason for the Christmas season- that Christ Jesus left his throne in the glory of heaven to live among us in all our ugly sinfulness in order to draw us back to himself so that we do not have to be eternally separated from Him.

After church, we headed home for the afternoon. We opened our stockings, and gifts we got each other. We took a long walk in the afternoon, and watched a movie together in the evening. We talked about how incredibly blessed we were this year- to have food to eat, a roof over our heads and jobs to wake up for every day. 

Stocking goodies...
The Ben Bear enjoyed laying on the stockings.

Indy 500 tickets for the guy that's is IMPOSSIBLE to buy for.
(I've bought him his favorite blackberry jam for the past 5 yrs. This was a nice change)

Merry Christmas to all- I hope your Christmas was full of love and peace.

PS. Chocolate Gravy recipe coming soon!

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